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André Carbonneau

Vice-president at Groupe Carbonneau

Vice-president at Groupe Carbonneau, André Carbonneau believes that tenacity and discipline are some of the qualities that one must possess in the fields of industrial and hydro services, especially when you choose to manufacture customized products. Challenges and the need to find innovative solutions is what drives this business man and pushes his desire for excellence.

Born in a family of entrepreneurs, André joins forces with his brothers Michel and Stephane in 2005, to make of Carbonneau Group a multidisciplinary company working in Quebec, but also in Canada and internationally. André quickly put the focus on the development of new industrial and manufacturing markets. Meanwhile, he has ensured that the company adopts high standards of management and obtain other certifications.

Prior to joining the Group Carbonneau, André had already accumulated a solid experience in management. In a few years, the company he led went from a single shareholder to a group of 9 people and the decisions were now based on a board of directors. When he sold his shares, the company employed 150 people. Even then, he understood the importance of putting in place management systems for an evolutive and efficient operations.