Manufacturing production processes have undergone important changes because of the continual emergence of new technologies. These new technologies contribute to the modification of enterprise production processes.

In the manufacturing industry, we can identify almost a dozen advanced manufacturing technologies that have been developed: Predictive analysis, the Internet of Things; Advanced materials; Smart factories; Digital design; Simulation and Integration; High performance computing (HPC); Advanced robotics; Additive Layer Manufacturing (ALM); Open Source design; Augmented Reality (AR).

Two advanced manufacturing processes very clearly stand out among the Bromont Science Park enterprises: Advanced Robotics, which consists of executing tasks in a semi-structured environment by reducing the number of human interventions, and Additive Manufacturing, which allows building objects using the data provided by 3D models. In the Bromont Science Park, important companies such as GE Aviation, IBM, Fabritec and Teledyne Dalsa all have advanced manufacturing needs. Notably, GE Aviation houses a robotics, automation and instrumentation R&D centre which serves all GE installations throughout the world. Smaller companies such as Solaxis, a SME specializing in additive manufacturing for the aerospace market, are also emerging here.

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